IBEW Local 6 Member Walter Parinas Loses 27 Pounds In 16 Weeks Through The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge/Wellness Program

Walter Parinas, a 5-year Sound & Communications member with IBEW Local 6, has lost 27 pounds through the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Program. Walter lost the weight in 16 weeks. The program is a complimentary wellness program available to Sound and Communications members.

The goal of the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Program is to help participants obtain long-term weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle through incorporating new behaviors. (For more information about the Sound and Communications Wellness Program, contact IBEW@baysport.com)

We asked Walter to share a little about his journey through the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Program.

  • How did you get involved in the healthy lifestyle challenge program?
  • I heard about the program on social media, on a forum page for the sound and communication members. I saw the information on one of the posts and I just decided to do it. It was about how to lose weight effectively. There is prize money if you meet your weight goals. I made $200 by meeting my weight goal at the end of the month.
  • How did you nutrition counselor help you reach your goal?
  • I worked with Denise Brown, who oversees the Wellness Program. She was very encouraging. She sent weekly emails on how to lose weight and I just went with that. I changed my diet, my nutrition, my portion size and I added more fiber to my diet. I stopped drinking beer on the weekends. I had been feeling very sluggish and I just wanted to be healthier. Now I eat a lot cleaner. I eat three ounces of protein with more vegetables and I reduced the amount of carbs and starchy foods.
  • Did you also become more physically active?
  • Yes, I bought a hybrid bike to go biking around the city with my family and friends. I do about 20 miles a day, 3 times a week. Now I’m more energetic and alert. I noticed a big difference at work. I am able to do a lot more and climb ladders with ease. I’m getting more energy and I’m more productive at work.
  • What tools did the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge give you?
  • It provided nutrition information, the ability to talk to a counselor about how to lose weight and become healthier; along with online videos or exercises you can do. I tried out the Program’s Virtual Fitness Room. When the gyms started opening, I went to the gym twice a week. When I have extra time, I go for a bike ride.
  • To what do you attribute your success?
  • I attribute my success to two things: the nutrition plan in the program and to my wife, who was a real big support. She wanted me to lose weight. If you stick with the program’s nutrition plan, you’re guaranteed to lose the weight.
  • How has your perspective on health changed?
  • Health has become more important. In my trade you’ve got to be physically fit. It’s very physical. You gotta pull down wire, climb ladders, etc. I want to live long. I want to see my kids have their kids. I want to be part of their future. So it’s very important to me to be healthier.
  • What advice would you like to share with a fellow member who may be struggling with health issues?
  • Join the program. There’s lot of great info on small things you can do to improve your health. Just do it—it’ll benefit you in life and in the trades.